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The Continental Cigar Club is growing in leaps and bounds.

We are seeking qualified investors for our multi-unit roll out. Please visit our investors page at:


Cigar Aficanado Review of The Continental Cigar Club

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Continental is the brainchild of Patrick Potter, the grandson of the co-founder of the Tinder Box tobacco shop, who is as evangelical about the joys of cigars as anyone you’re likely to meet. The club, on Sepulveda in West Los Angeles, shares a parking lot with three other businesses and has a parking attendant, a bonus in LA. The style of the club, which Potter says “has an East Coast vibe,” reminds one of social clubs in any of a number of urban northeastern cities. There are 28 very comfortable seats inside the private club, and about eight available for the public in the front room. Plaques from law enforcement agencies adorn a wall, a testament to Potter’s consulting involvement and support with some of them. Cigar memorabilia and posters round out the decor.


StogiePress Review of The Continental Cigar Club

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful new cigar lounge in the Los Angeles, California area known as the Continental Cigar Club. The lounge is the brainchild of TABAC Trading Company CEO, Patrick Potter and minority business partner Adam Duffy.

Opened in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, the Continental Cigar Club boasts a large walk in humidor with over 700 facings of the most popular large and small brands on the market along with a 24/7 members only lounge access. The doors officially opened on June 10 of 2020 and since they remain open 365 days/year you can be assured you can always fill your need for premium cigars. The Continental Cigar Club boasts “Cigars & Civility” on all their marketing and I have to say that is exactly my experience when I visited. I found all the patrons to be welcoming and friendly and the staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They also declare “Folium De Amantes” which translates to who we are – The Leaf Lovers.

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