Shade vs Sun Grown

The primary difference between shade grown cigar wrappers and sun grown cigar wrappers is that, shade grown is done under cheese cloth or translucent cotton material that allows the plant to grow without direct exposure from the sun. Typically this will retard the darkness that comes from sun exposure.

Photograph above is me in a sun grown Corojo farm, in Esteli Nicaragua.

Because of the direct exposure to sunlight, the leaves become thicker, the veins larger, and the leaves darker producing flavors of dark cocoa, dark coffee, nut, leather. The tobacco concentrates the nicotine in the leaf and it becomes fuller in body and strong. These wrapper leaves often times are referred to as Maduro. They come in a variety of shades from Colorado to Oscuro.

Above is a shade grow parcel that is growing Nicaraguan Habano Shade wrapper.

Shade grown wrappers often are light in color almost blonde, the veins are smaller and the texture of the leaf is finer and smoother. The wrapper leaf produces creaminess, light sweetness and mild white pepper notes. ¥

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