As you can probably imagine after being open for more than a year the demand for membership has grown. We have a rather strict membership process. Prospective members are encourage to attend our events, patronage our humidor and be supportive of the club. The same behavior is encouraged from our members. This club is not for everyone. We have an application process and required orientation before any applicant is considered. The success of any club is the balance of its members. At The Continental Cigar Club we focus on Cigars & Civility. Membership renewals and joining occurs between January 5th and January 15th of each year. In 2022 we will be offering convenient payment option from monthly or quarterly as well as an Executive Sports Membership entitling the member to use the club only for aired games. We have also started an Associate Memberhip which is offered to the general public. We have closed our retail seating only to Members. (General/Sports/Associate) our patio can be enjoyed by anyone who purchases from us. Outside cigars have never been permitted. Our New Associate Membership essentially allows access to our retail lounge, our member bathroom and purchase discount and reduced event fees. Membership is found through joinging this website in the top right corner of the page. There you can join our mailing list, RSVP events and pay for your Associate Membership. Its better than having to show proof of vax or Neg PCR test every single time you visit The Continental Cigar Club.


One of the most attractive attributes of The Continental Cigar Club is reciprocal use. Every member is permitted to visit any other club in the country, they're provided the same use, same  member discount, and in some markets they can use their same keyfob. We are building a network of like-minded men and women who share a common passion for cigars and civility. With that said we have created policies and an attitude towards hospitality and education. One of the exciting aspects of The Continental Cigar Club are our Certified Tobacconists. They take pleasure in educating, elaborating and suggesting cigars that will be tailored to your palate, these types of experiences is what separates us from other clubs. We're not just a club that offers locker rentals.

We have rules, without them we'd be with the animals.

Member Benefits

An overview of membership attributes.


Each General Member is provided a locker capable of accommodating at least 4 boxes of cigars.  Outside domestic cigars are not permitted.


General Members can use any Continental in the country. All their same benefits apply apart from a locker.

Humidor Discount

Members receive 10% of all tobacco purchases. Take an additional 5% off for boxes.

Free Events

The Continental Breakfasts are complimentary to General Members. Other events are usualy 50% of the ticket price.