About The Continental

Patrick Potter, CMT modeled the Continental Cigar Club after his grandfather's franchise design of Tinder Box International which was founded by Ed Kolpin, in 1928. Ed Kolpin and Patrick's Grandfather Robert Gabriel perfected vertical integration. Between 1946 and 1951, the duo used their skills and relationships to create a business model servicing over 800 locations world wide, making Tinder Box International the largest North American retailer in history.


The Continental Cigar Club was born during the most chaotic time in the world. The global pandemic has been responsible for so many business closures, unemployment, poverty and death. It's a challenging time, but there is light - The Continental Cigar Club is using this opportunity to support a portion of the 17.8 million cigar smokers in the country by giving them curated selections, clean and safe environments and a friendly smile to be reminded to enjoy the little things like smoking a cigar.



To curate an experience highlighting an unmatched humidor experience that's competitive in this marketplace. We provide professional and experiential knowledge of cigars and pipes to consumers of all levels.

Featured Is CEO Patrick Potter, CMT

and Marketing Director Adam Duffy, CRT



Patrick Potter's vision is to open anchor locations in California & Nevada, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic regions. Once anchored locations are in place we then work to open franchise a minimum of 10 miles away from an anchor location to create a network of accessible clubs for all traveling members.

USA Lights


Retail Customers

• Absolutely no flip flops, thongs or open toed shoes for men.

• No Beachwear including short-shorts, board shorts, trunks, or tank tops.

• No ripped / torn apparel: jeans, shirts etc.


Acceptable attire includes smart casual attire or higher (business casual, professional, formal, dark jeans, polo, pants, shorts, smart track suit etc. Shorts are permitted only before 6pm.


Members and their Guests shall abide by the Club’s dress code, which is smart casual attire or higher (business casual, professional, formal, dark jeans, polo, pants, shorts, smart track suit etc. Shorts are permitted only before 6pm. 


Planters Orders

From June 1st-August 31st: Members are permitted to wear dress shorts any time. Members are responsible for informing guests of the dress code.   

Our Response to COVID-19

We take Covid 19 seriously. Please see our Infectious Disease Plan written by Patrick Potter, Certified Master Tobacconist.

Read his article here: ARTICLE

When you visit The Continental Cigar Club we ask you to do the follow:

1. Don't come if you're not feeling 100% healthy. Don't take a chance.

2. Upon arrival, Temperature Test

3. Hand Sanitize, No touching please.

4. Face Mask to be worn unless smoking a cigar or eating.

5. Maintain 6ft apart from others. Except in circumstances where you need to pay for something.

We are self-certified compliant with Los Angeles County Health Dept.